Voron 2.4 5月5号跟新了stl文件,建议新制作机型跟新以下

机型:VORON 0

Vorondesign 5月5号跟新了2.4的stl文件,有些细节变动了,建议大家现在制作的机型进行跟新。

下载:点我 点我 (这里面只有stl文件,其他的没有包括)

VORON2.4: Fixes and Updates
@FHeilmann FHeilmann released this 8 days ago

Release Notes
This release fixes minor issues and provides small updates to the official release of the VORON2.4 3d printer.
For more detailed information about V2.4 itself, please refer to the official release notes.

If you're just getting started with your V2.4 build, the files attached to this release contain the most up-to-date parts required for your Voron 3D printer. If you are currently building, or have already built your V2.4, please check the list of fixes and updates below and determine whether you need to update your printer accordingly.

The following fixes and updates have been made since the official release:
c557bca: Updated dragon and E3Dv6 printheads
e376b87, fa4fb81, 8d3bf8d, 40c7f8c, d7044f7, 587e0f4, f44038b, 5ebe725: V2.4 CAD release & fixes (fixes #142, #209, #222, #226)
9508833, 0624155: Make DXF sizes relative to frame size instead of relative to spec size
b7afcd4, 1cd9d62, d95e46b, a283538, 7ce4266: Manual Updates
da85cae, 11ddd28: Updated NPP syntax highlighting files
e93ce80: Z endstop fixes
45d9fe7, 3297ca4, ffc4d7a, 9153b7b, b5bb662, 66b36f6, 81bb92e, 31a0af7: Filename fixes (fixes #116, #167, #224)
85eb54d, 372aea4, 3132f99, c97de18, 30edba8, 05f6341, 3327bd0: Updated SKR 1.3/1.4 configs & wiring diagrams
92f8b88: Add PrusaSlicer profiles by DocJeeves
9e1385e: Strengthen Z stepper mounts
6de5c12: Fix mirrored logo on VoronDesign test cube
29e46b2: Fix corrupted STLs (fixes #125, #167 #201)
3886a40: Back panel DXF Updates (fixes #207)
ffabdb3: Updated Afterburner latch and wire cover
bb67ddd: Improved M3 holes in the skirts for better T-nut thread engagement
10db9de: Fix mirrored RAMPS bracket (fixes #157)
418499b: Improve clearance on door hinges
0584939: Improve microswitch clearances in the endstop pod (fixes #136)
674a9fc: Revised AB geometry to help prevent improper belt routing, increase strength of A-drive cable cover
Special thanks to all the contributors
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this update and reported issues with the original release.

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    2. 主要更新了哪些地方,已经打了一半了不知道什么地方更新了
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